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Detech SSP 3100 Pulse Induction

Code: D-Pi0023

Full Microprocessor Control Automatic Ground Balance (Auto Tuner) Manual Tuner Auto-Tracking DELAY Control New "Digital" Pulse Format Graphic Target Analyzing All Metal/Non-Motion Mode DEPTH control for Maximized Detection Back light 4 Different Size/Configuration Coils SSP-3100 – Standard package – control box in a leather cover, rechargeable battery system, 3 parts shaft, 1x1m square coil (discriminating), 5” and 14” round coils (non-discriminating), pack for external power supply, Big leather bag

Price: 2,300.00lv.
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SSP-3100 Digital DISCRIMINATOR Technical Specifications

Working voltage: 12V. The detector turns off when the voltage becomes lower than the critical value.
Continuous power consumption: min 110 mA(with no sound and light).
Maximum power consumption: 180 ma
Working Frequency: 100 Hz.
Sound Range: 0.2Hz - 2.0KHz.
Battery: Rechargeable 1700mAh NiMH Battery.
Charger Input: 110V AC, 60Hz.
Charger Output: 17V DC.
Battery Charging Time (empty): Max. 10 hours.
Full Microprocessor Control.
Automatic Ground Balance.
Weight of control box (incl.battery): 24.69oz. (700 g).

Auto Tracking.
Manual Tuner.
Delay control.
Graphic Target Analyzing.
Display: 32 x 122 pixel LCD module
with back light.
All Metal/No-Motion Mode.
Audio and Visual Discrimination Mode
(by built-in Magnetic/Induction Sensor).
Depth Control for Maximized Detection
Two Reset Controls for easy operation
with both hands.
Headphone Input: 1/4" Mono Jack.
Possibility of using External Power Supply.
Optimum Temperature Range: 0 - 50
Degrees C.

Digital Pulse Penetrator

The SSP-3100 Digital Discriminator is a unique combination of Metal Detector and
Magnetometer that works hand in hand to detect "Eddy Currents" and "Ferrous Metals".
Using Pulse Induction technology you can quickly discriminate between Ferrous and
Non-Ferrous metals. The Discriminator can detect larger objects buried approximately
15 feet (5M) deep with the 2x2 meter coil and approximately 10 feet (2.5M) deep with the
1x1 meter coil.

Warranty Period is 2 years