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Golden Mask 4 -18Khz

Code: GM 4

• Golden Mask 4 is available with a basic search coil 10.5'' (27 cm) made of ABS and a special design providing better mechanical and thermal stability; • A special cable, made of high-quality materials and with a common shield, designed to provide for greater mechanical strength and extended product life of the coil • Light and strong boxes of ABS • Lightweight metaldetector with a perfect balance • Strong handle • A three-piece rod • Lower rod made of carbon • Smart automatic charger, especially designed for the Golden Mask • 5-year warranty of the electronics

Price: 600.00lv.
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 Operating frequency – 18 kHz
 Operation mode – motion
 Automatic ground balance
 Manual ground balance
 Multi-tone discrimination
 Audio discrimination
 Adjustable scale of metal discrimination
 Adjustable search depth
 Adjustable audio tone
 Adjustable audio volume
 Innovative, completely redesigned electronics, combining productivity and enhanced sensitivity
 Charger – a pack of 10 rechargeable batteries 1.2 V AA/ 1000 mAh
 Single charge operating time: minimum 20 hours
 LED low battery indicator
Headphones jack

Optional coils
DD 7” (18 cm), DD 8” (20 cm), DD 8x10” (20x25 cm), DD 10X12” (25x31 cm)
DD 12.5” (32 cm), 12.5x15” (32x38 cm

The battery holder is made of plastic and contains a pack of 10 batteries AA NiMH 1,2 V/ 1000 mAh.

Control features
“POWER LEVEL” potentiometer – sets the audio threshold and adjusts the search depth of the metaldetector;

“AUDIO FREQ.” potentiometer – adjust the audio tone

“GB” switch – switches between the operation modes (manual/ automatic ground balance)

“GROUND BALANCE” potentiometer – eliminates the ground interference on the operation of the metaldetector while in manual ground balance mode
“DISC” switch – selects between the two types of discrimination – multi-tone discrimination or audio discrimination
“DISC. LEVEL” potentiometer – sets the rejection level of iron objects
“VOLUME” potentiometer – switches on the metaldetector and sets the audio volume

“HEADPHONES” jack – mono headphones could be connected if needed
“LOWBATTERY” LED indicator – indicates
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